Coull Quartet in BrazilSeptember and October 2017 will see the Coull Quartet's return visit to Brazil.
Highlights of the last tour in 2012 included concerts in the beautifully restored Salão Leopoldo Miguez in Rio de Janeiro and for the prestigious Cultura Artistica series in São Paulo. This was followed by an inspiring visit to the Baccarelli Institute in the Heliopolis favela in São Paulo, where we gave classes to highly-talented students, many of whom are using their musical training to escape a life of extreme poverty.
Coull Quartet in Brazil We also gave concerts in the industrial city of Jundiaí as part of the innovative Astra Finamax series, for the autistic support charity Autismo & Realidade in São Paulo and in the northern city of Maceió in the delightful colonial-era Teatro Deodoro, which is one of the oldest surviving theatres in Brazil. The tour was supported by Santander Universities and organised by our friend and colleague, the Anglo-Brazilian pianist Clelia Iruzún, and we are now planning further events with her in Brazil and the UK to promote Anglo-Brazilian cultural ties. Having enjoyed wonderful hospitality throughout the tour, we are now enthusiastic converts to the delights of Brazilian cuisine, and an authentic and exhaustively-tested recipe for the famous ‘Caipirinha’ cocktail can be found below!

Caipirinha Recipe

4 limes
4 tbsp caster sugar
200 ml cachaça
2 large handful crushed ice

1. Cut the limes into wedges.
2. Add to a large jug with the sugar and crush to release the juices.
3. Add the cachaça and mix well, then divide between 2 tall glasses. Fill each glass with crushed ice